Mojo Homestead 

Welcome to Mojo Homestead. We are learning to farm our 120 acres using regenerative agriculture principles while raising ethical and organic livestock and produce.

We are Cass and Shane, sometimes known as Ceejay and the Handy Helper.

We are a blended family with 5 children between us. We see ourselves as animal and land custodians who are responsible to improve our environment for the next generation.

Having found our dream farm in 2020, we are now working to realise the vision we first had. 

We would love you to come on the journey with us while learn and put into practice the skills to become full-time farmers.

Talk soon 




A Sustainable Living Environment 

One of our main goals is to live sustainably and self-sufficiently. We live in a small house and have organic homegrown food. We raise bees, chickens and goats. We have milking goats for milk and cheese, while also raising Angora goats for fleece. We are moving towards both pasture raised eggs and soon also meat birds.

Our next steps will be a lot more fruit and nut trees and both pigs and cattle.

What We Do


We have 3 hives at present . We extract and use both honey and wax. However we love our girls best for their pollination duties. They make our gardens bloom.

Goats milk products

We have 4 Anglo-Nubian-British Apline milking girls. While we mostly drink the milk, we also make cheese, yogurt and goats milk soap. 


What started as a small batch of chickens became 15+ and more eggs than we could handle. With out eggs doing so well with family and friends we have decided to venture further into this line with the ability to sell to the public. We will also start doing pastured meat birds.

Want to Work With Us?

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Get In Touch  

We are on all the standard media channels so drop us a line and say g’day.