5 Reasons You Need to Read The Barefoot Investor

Are you the kind of person who would rather sit down with a novel than read the latest “fix your life” style dry non-fiction self-help book?

Well, you need to get your hands on The Barefoot Investor.

Scott Pape might be a financial whizz kid, but he could easily write full time. The “only money guide you’ll ever need” is funny, easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

A strong advocate of living without credit cards and paying cash upfront for bigger purchases, his system is simple and basic – AND it works. Why? Because it is so easy!

I have been credit card free for some time now, I have my Mojo account for emergencies (yes Mojo really struck a chord with us at the homestead). My bills are all direct debited so no bill shock each quarter and I still get to put some splurge aside for a bottle of wine or a magazine.


The Stress of Being in Debt

Life before our Barefoot conversion was pretty stressful, as a single mum of 2 under 10, and not receiving any government assistance or child support, I honestly felt like I was drowning some days. I literally lived pay cheque to pay cheque, praying for no emergencies.

In the last 12 months, I’ve squirrelled away an emergency account, rolled the 2 small debts I had onto my home loan, upped the payments on my home loan, cut up a credit card and have automated all my regular bills.

So why should you follow his program?

    1. It’s designed for people who don’t know where to start – You following the bouncing ball through the book, one date night at a time.
    2. It’s so simple a kid could follow it – I’ll fill you in later but there is the kids version.
    3. It applies itself to every income type, from someone on a pension to 6 figure salary – It is based on your personal circumstances.
    4. It sets you up for homeownership and goals for your financial future – The great Australian dream, home of your own. No one LIKES paying rent.
    5. It is realistic – And funny as, pillows, underpants and Alpaca’s, it’s an easy read.

It’s a system that you need to work through so you don’t have a massive change overnight but rather a gradual and slight adjustment into a different lifestyle each week.


How to Start

The Barefoot Investor book itself is cheap, for the value you get, so it lends itself perfectly to my frugal personality. The benefit you will get if you follow the program will pay back tenfold, right after you buy new undies and pillows, see the book to find out more. You can purchase the book at Amazon through this link https://amzn.to/2J7gKEr or the audiobook at https://amzn.to/2HFP2Nm for less than the shop prices.

Happy reading and saving,