What happens when you don’t fit anywhere when you think differently and are passionate about your beliefs? I haven’t written anything for a while. I have been doing a lot of reading instead. Reading about agriculture, environment and climate.

What happens when you don’t fit anywhere? When you think differently and are passionate about your beliefs?

I’ve felt like a didn’t belong to one camp or another regarding Agriculture, Environment or Climate change. And after reading (or listening to, thank you Audible) as many books as I could on my favourite topic, Regenerative Agriculture, I have come to a decision.

I don’t really fit into either camp.

So, this is likely to divide people, however, I’m going to launch in and say it.

I don’t believe we are in a climate emergency! 

There it’s out there now, let the hate mail begin. Given I consider myself environmentally friendly I’m sure a lot of people will be shaking their head right now.

What is Environmentally Friendly Anyway?

I avoid single-use plastic (I even stock my own Beeswax Food Wraps here) we recycle everything from paper to food, we collect 3 pieces of rubbish every time we go to the beach, I’m a composter, gardener and beekeeper.

My family is trying to live a low-waste, low impact life. So how can I not see the climate emergency?

Maybe because I have a healthy distrust of the media and big corporations. Sensationalised news sells! And there is huge money in it.

So now you think I’m a crazy “conspiracy theorist” type or a Trump supporter. 

As an Australian I’m a natural sceptic, after all, we started life as a convict settlement made up of the English rejects and criminals.

As an Australian, I don’t have a valued opinion on Trump. I travelled in the USA for a month in 2018 and I have to be honest, I don’t mind Trump. He’s was certainly turning their economy around.

So Why Not Believe In the Emergency?

Well, I like to question everything. And during the questioning, I found evidence that Mother Nature is one hell of a lady. She does exactly as she wants, and a bunch of humans can’t seem to change her course.

When they talk about climate change and emergency they always say things like “the hottest day in last 100 years”, “biggest rains since 1935”, “highest level of Greenhouse gas since 1950”.

The sceptic in me just wonders when did weather recording actually start? Do we have records before 1900? Because modern weather news reporters seem to be unable to find anything older than 100 years.

It’s hard to get sense out of Wiki, given they have a funding agenda, their information has the spin of the highest bidder, which is precisely why I struggle with news media.

However weather-predicting started as early as 650 BC, I’m going to make an ass of you and me by guessing that weather recording would have been in play for just as long. Unfortunately, data has only been collect since 1914 using modern methods. So methods before 1914 are considered to be inaccurate? Do we just throw them out? Do we just assume they didn’t happen? 

Scientists have been able to test older weather patterns, using a variety of methods, with some interesting results. 

Testing Ice Cores

Ice Core samples from Vostok Station near the South Pole have been used to test temperatures that go back 420,000 years.

Interesting they show a cycle of climate change similar to those proposed by Milutin Milankovića, a Serbian mathematician, astronomer, climatologist, geophysicist and civil engineer. He was also active in making science popular to the masses.

ice core testing results


The Milankovitch Cycles are named after him and refer to the variations in the Earths orbit and the effect they have on our climate. He was able to show climate cycles over thousands of years.

For more information read this.

While I am not a science writer, although I did study chemistry and physics in Year 12, ao I find it incredibly interesting reading. All scientists have their detractors, however, seeing the ice core results makes it hard to deny Milankovic’s work.

Climate Cycles – The Study of Agriculture, Environment and Climate.

In my lifetime I have been lucky enough to spend a majority living in rural areas.  This means I have also had time to listen to the older generation of farmers. 

While many farmers have got it wrong by following the big chemical corporations advice, their intimate knowledge of their immediate environments cannot be denied.

They can tell you more about rainfall, heatwaves, freezing winters, damaging floods and devastating droughts than any weather predictor can. Farmers not only know the cycles but also monitor and predict changes. 

They have to be weather experts, their livelihood depends on their ability to read the weather to protect stock and crops. 

And they often talk of the drought and flood cycles. A good farmer can read the weather, a great farmer can predict it!

So while I believe in climate cycles and therefore don’t fit neatly into the climate change bandwagon, I do believe that humans have a disastrous effect on the planet.

We have overpopulated and polluted the earth. We add chemicals to everything, from what we put on our skin to what we eat. Our air, soil and water quality is crap. We would rather eat meat grown in a petri dish than from a grass-fed, organically produced cow. Our food is so over-processed so it barely resembles the natural product it is mimicking. 

Pollution and Fossil Fuels

I doubt anyone can deny the rise in all types of pollution. While not a fan of the term “third-world country” but anyone who has travelled will know that sanitation and rubbish disposal in Australia are vastly different from some other countries.

I certainly can see an environmental emergency.

Unfortunately, the only real difference is that we store all our rubbish in the same place! The volume of rubbish is still there we just keep in one spot. You never see the piles of rubbish unless you visit the tip, or if like me you shop at your local tip recycling shop. It’s really amazing what you can pick up there, my daughter’s guitar, extra weights plates for my home gym and a coffee table that we turned into the goats milking stand.

I guess I struggle to understand how so many can be SO concerned with environmental crisis, however, they still buy prepackaged food, disposable everything and haven’t even started composting their food scraps.

Don’t get me started on the protestors clothing, rubbish or use of technology!

Meanwhile, I compost anything I can, try to take my own bags and containers to the shop, buy recyclable items whenever possible or buy second hand. We are too dependant on fossil fuels, as a result, my house is 100% solar powered. This is not new for our family. I used cloth nappies and purchased secondhand baby goods when my children were babies.

I do everything I can do to reduce waste and reduce my families fossil fuel usage. Yes, I still drive a car, living 30-40 km from school and work with no public transport means I still use fuel. I would love to own a Tesla but not sure I want to drive a very expensive car on my very dusty and potholed dirt road.

Agriculture, Environment and Climate. What Else Can I Do?

I do believe that humans have a disastrous effect on the planet and using too many fossil fuels, so now I don’t fit with a climate change denier.

What else can we do? The big question and the answer became very clear after immersing myself in the readings of Allan Savoury and his wife Jody Butterfield, via their book Holistic Management. Farmers are in a unique position of being able to heal our soil through agricultural practices. Including helping retain carbon in the soil instead of in the atmosphere. All through agriculture.

Follow this link to read more or watch this.

The life-changing book by Allan Savory and Jody

Farm livestock! It’s the best thing I can do for the environment. And it’s certainly the best thing I can do for my farm. I can only do my bit to help, and if everyone just did something small, each day, consistently, imagine what that would add up to! 

What Next?

For me, its continuing on the road less travelled. Now as a land custodian of 120 acres I need to continue my education in all things agriculture, environment and climate.

I will apply what I learn to improve soil health, and as a by-product improving livestock, crop and water health.

Am I a climate change sceptic who believes in recycling, composting and reducing?

Or am I a greenie who eats meat, and slaughters my own food? 

I am a regenerative farmer, all be it one with my Learners plate still. More on that here.

Not fitting into either camp does make it hard to find “your tribe”. Leave me a message if you are like me. It would be lovely to hear from like-minded people. 

Take care