So I was never the green thumbed girl, but since moving I have found I’m not that bad at making happy plants. It surprised me as much as anyone. 

So I thought I should branch out and try to grow plants I’ve never thought about before. My two small people love their potatoes, so it made sense to try them, but there was lots of looking at Pinterest to get ideas. Pinterest is so distracting, makes me live up to my nickname of Dory. Oh look and article on canning, wow a page on sugar free treats…. Back on track Ceejay.

Anyhoo, even though I have more space than some people I decided to try the container method of growing. It is supposed to use less space and produce good quantities of spuds. So two $5 garbage bin’s from Bunnings later and I was ready to go. The handy helper cut the bottoms out for me and I placed them the normal way up, this way I can still grab the handles to lift when my spuds are ready.

I thought it would be worth putting some in the ground also to run a bit of a comparison, so I ended up with Nicola’s and Snow Gem in a bin, and unknown type from the markets that sprouted like crazy in the cupboard in the ground. I also have a store bought sweet potato that i throwing in the ground today as it’s gone crazy in the cupboard and is beyond using…. no waste here.

Nicola and Snow Gem

So I ended up planting out 1 kg each of the Nicola and Snow Gem, picked up at Bunnings. Also about a kilo of market unknown variety that had definitely gone to seed.

Garbage bin with bottom cut out, seed potato, soil and a layer of mulch.

Research indicated the best way to get the most from your potato crop is to layer the soil and mulch as the potatoes grow. Once the plant starts to climb up you add more soil and mulch at the bottom. And it didn’t take long to get them growing. 

Nicola seed potatoes coming through.

And they just kept coming!!!!

Nicola potatoes in bins.
Random market bought potatoes in ground 

Once they were in the ground it was just sunshine and water, regular water which I kept forgetting as they are in reach of my sprinklers, so I have to watering can their water to them.

The in tub spuds!
In ground spuds!

I can’t wait till they are ready to dig up! So exciting for the kids to grow their own favourites, I really think it gives them a better understanding of life when they see how everything is made. I always wanted my kids to appreciate the work that goes into feeding them as i believe they will grow up as more rounded adults. 

I’ll post once the spuds are done!

See ya,