So in my effort to become self-sufficient I have been considering a milking cow. As a family we consume a lot of yogurt and cheese, more than we do milk, enough to impact when these items aren’t on special.

I have also been trying to solve Master 6’s tummy troubles! His is like mine and certain foods seem to really impact on his tummy health. In doing a bit of an elimination diet we have discovered lactose is definitely not his friend! As lactose in larger quantities isn’t great for me either I begin considering the alternatives.

As a kid growing up my mother, the original alternative lady, was so keen on getting some land and getting some goats. She dragged dad off to a goat keeping course and planned for the milking and wool goats she would get. We all thought she was a little off centre, we had lived in Sydney at the time and the next thing she trying to put a goat in the backyard!!

At some point she presented me with goat’s milk and said “here drink this”. I dutifully did as told and was – disgusted! It tasted horrible and I could not understand how we were supposed to drink something so vile. I never touched the stuff again.

So it was a huge leap of faith for me to come to the conclusion that I don’t really have enough land for a milking cow, but I possibly do have enough for 2 milking goats. I justified the thought process with “your taste has changed” and “you never even liked cows milk back then anyway”.

Biggest test of all would be Miss 8 and Master 6, if they turned their noses up it would be a hard sell. So I bought a litre of goats milk, and explained that we needed to try it as it might help Master 6’s tummy. Both kids took their cups without questions or hesitation and downed the small sample I had poured…. and both smiled and asked for more!!! Winning….

So next step was how do we get some goats? Lucky for me that alternative crazy lady turned into the crazy goat lady, and had just told me she had kids coming out her ears, literally. So one quick phone call (with much amusement from my father – you’re turning into your mother) and I had secured twin does born in September to an Anglo Nubian/ Toggenburg cross. High milk production from the Nubian mixed with higher cream content from the Toggen should be the perfect mix for our home needs. Butter, cream and cheese hopefully, with milk as well.

Now I just need to get the fencing slightly higher, more secure and get a little stable/ milking shed…. Luckily my handy helper, my cute lawnmower man, liked the taste of the milk in his coffee, so he has agreed to help me get the building done by the time the girls are old enough to move in with us.

Lastly the most important item on the agenda was the naming… My kids wanted to name the new kids! Nanny from the farm suggested Willow, Miss 8 loved that name and Master 6 has wanted a dog named Milo since forever. Given we aren’t getting a dog anytime soon he requested his doe be called Milo.

Willow on the left and Milo on the right.

So I have about 8 weeks to get everything secure before bring them from Nanny’s farm to ours…. stayed tuned for the building works.