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Aussie Online Entrepreneurs – Review


Selling On Amazon and Make Easy Money

So, you want to start selling on Amazon? You heard you can make money while you sleep?

You saw a video of someone telling you how easy it would be right? Just sign up for their course?

They’ll teach you everything and you’ll be a millionaire in no time.

I went through all that too. But some nagging words kept coming back to me, words I’ve heard all through my life.

Make money on Amazon while you sleep

Selling on Amazon to make money while you sleep

“If it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.”

But you’re still keen to find out what it’s all about? So was I.

I looked at a lot of different courses and online learning groups. Then I was sent an email from Neil Asher about his group the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs.

Seemed a weird name for some Pom to be running. But he was saying he could teach me to sell on Amazon, ok I’ll read on!

Aussie Online Entrepreneur’s

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, or AOE as they are known, had a special on where I was able to sign up for a month for $1. If you didn’t like it or think it was for you then you could simply leave, no questions asked.

I figured I had nothing to lose. 

So, I started working my way through the “Amazon Domination Training” videos. Neil’s honesty in the information he delivers is surprising. The modules are easy to follow, and well laid out. I decided to follow them step-by-step, so I didn’t miss anything and this helped a lot. I actually followed them step-by-step, doing what he suggested the whole way.

Neil has a great delivery style, he’s funny with a wicked sense of humour. And he’s very honest!

He covers all the frequently asked questions about how to sell on Amazon and tells it how it really is. I really like that he doesn’t sell it through “rose-coloured” glasses, instead, he tells you what will work and what not to do!

As a result, I signed up with them. The initial sign-up was $1 for the first month. I then went on to pay the $77 a month for the normal base course and was getting a lot out of it. A couple of months and I made the decision to move to the Inner Circle at $177 a month. I am learning so much so I am getting value from the inner circle.

Diamond Group will be my final destination. Not cheap! But I believe its worth it. Diamond group provides one-on-one coaching sessions, assistance with product ideas and extra information.

However, due to the cost, I need to earn some money before I can jump to that level.

Neil also has other courses that he sells – wholesale selling on Amazon, being a consultant for others who are selling on Amazon etc. I would like to go on to do those courses but at the moment I need to perfect my business on Amazon first so that’s what I’m doing.

So business name registered, I kinda had that idea for a while, being a Barefoot Investor (Read more here) and I’m setting up social media, emails, accounts with Alibaba!

I’m on fire.

Selling your First Product on Amazon

What a massively steep learning curve for me deciding to sell on Amazon.

I still can’t believe that I’m having a go at selling. I’ve never considered selling as a career option, however, I would encourage anyone thinking of working from home to have a look at this is an option.

It’s certainly not what some of the gurus within Amazon will tell you. You will NOT make money while you sleep. Simply not the case.

This type of small business equates to the ability to make money from home and make it without having to open a shop front.

A business without set hours and that I controlled was exactly what I needed.

Being an entrepreneur means you will only get out of it what you put into the business. In small businesses, you must be prepared to do the work. A line from my favourite movies, “you gotta risk it, for the biscuit” comes to mind.

It can be done in 1-2 hours a day, however, it will take longer. An investment of 4-5 hours a day you’ll be running a full-time business. Your chances of being a legitimate Amazon seller with an “Amazon Choice” badge are very high.

However, it is not an easy business to learn especially for somebody like me with no background in marketing or sales. While enjoying the experience, at the same time I am terrified that I’m going to stuff this up royally!

For my first product, I researched from February until July, sourcing, haggling and deciding what I was going to sell. It felt like forever, looking back it was actually pretty quick.

When I did decide what to sell I was pretty happy with my decision. I went with Beeswax Food Storage Wraps for my first product (Read more here). 

Finding Your Niche

Mojo Homestead has always been a business that I wanted to give back to the environment. I wanted to produce products that would be good for the environment. And so, making the decision to sell beeswax wraps just goes in line with what we wanted to sell and what we wanted to do.

Help people learn about beeswax wraps

Alternatives to single-use plastic that work.

Of course, this opened me up to option options of other products that are all environmentally friendly and that all help reduce waste.

So, from that, the business of Mojo Homestead was born. I wanted to make products and have a business that didn’t take from the environment. Developing products that didn’t take from the lifestyle that my children will have in 50 year’s time.

There are many online courses that will help you learn to be. However, some of those courses are very very expensive certainly not in my price range. If you’re selling on Amazon chances are you’re doing that to make money and we all know that you have to make spend money to make money. However, you don’t want to spend all of your savings to try and make money.

Selling ethically was important. Sourcing my products from companies who, even if they don’t contribute to the environment, primarily don’t damage it, is important.

Finding someone to teach me how to sell on Amazon was equally significant. My preference was to find somebody who was selling in Australia and somebody who wasn’t going to charge me more than what I was willing to pay.

The Next Step – Selling More on Amazon!

So back to my first product on Amazon – beeswax wraps 3 pack from China which I know a lot of people don’t like. However, at the end of the day, I wanted to sell a product that I can sell to the Australian public for a reasonable price for a reasonable quality product. The product needed to still be a benefit to the environment and that’s what I achieved.

Running a business

I would love to be selling Australian beeswax wraps on Amazon, however, the cost is prohibitive and unfortunately just not within my range at the moment. It’s such a shame that Australian produce products are done at such cost.

I have to remind myself that I am running a business. And the reason for this is to provide for my family.

I do know that it comes down to labour being cheaper in China and this bothers me. I have a personal belief that struggles with cheap labour, however having done some research into Chinese businesses, I can see that they actually produce products very well, very cheap. It’s what they are so good at.

And while some people still have issues with products produced out of China at the end of the day it came down to quality versus cost. Having FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification on the components used during the manufacturing process was the deciding factor for me.

I will continue to try and source from Australia but the cost/quality ratio makes it very difficult.

The Future

My main focus is to perfect my products, help lots of Australian’s have alternatives to single-use plastics and to SELL MORE ON AMAZON….. Obviously, this is a business after all and I do have a mortgage. 

Yes, selling on Amazon does give more money to the extremely rich Jeff Bezos, but the individual businesses who list products on Amazon are made up of small business entrepreneurs, who are trying to make a side hustle into a full-time hustle. They have mortgages and kids sport to pay for too!

Shop Local

Shopping Local Helps Your Community

So if you have ever considered selling on Amazon, I would encourage you to go and have a look. It’s certainly not for everyone, but for those of you looking for an effective side hustle. it is worth considering! 

Full disclosure folks, yes this is an affiliate link, so I can earn money if you sign up. If you do sign up I would encourage you to accept any affiliate link you are offered, we are in this to make money after all. You can check out selling on Amazon with Aussie Online Entrepreneur’s here  

Whatever side hustle you decide on, keep paying those credit cards and loans off. I look forward to being completely debt-free one day.

Take Care